Quilting Services

Whether you are after the perfection of computer guided stitching or the more edgy free form of hand guided quilting, Mermac Design will work for you. With the Intelliquilter® Computerized system on our Nolting NV 24, literally thousands of design choices are available to you. Many holiday, novelty and texture designs are currently available in our library. Other custom options are available for purchase and immediate download from the online libraries of numerous designers. Whatever your theme, “IQ” can match it! Prices vary depending on the density, complexity and set up time required. Please see our pricing page for details.

For those who want a softer, less structured look, or specific areas outlined, hand guided options are available. We can combine computerized motifs with hand guided backfills. Mermac Design has the flexibility to finish your quilt in whatever way best enhances its beauty and functionality.

All quilting services are charged on a per square inch basis depending on the type of quilting, density of design, set up time, thread changes and detailing required. Please see our pricing page for specific details. To estimate your quilting costs, use the following formula

Length x Width = Area
Area x Price/sq.in. = Quilting Charge

Any additional services and NYS sales tax are added to all orders.