Thread & Batting


We use So Fine and Omni by Superior Threads on our long arm machines. By using the same type of thread, tension is easily set and stitching issues are minimized. This promotes the best possible outcome. These high quality polyester threads are in stock in a wide variety of colors and shades to either blend in or accent your quilt. The cost of thread has been incorporated into the cost of quilting or rental. A charge may be incurred if you request a thread that must be special ordered or is not regularly stocked.


We carry Quilter’s Dream Batting by the roll which is charged to you by the linear inch (exactly what you need). Our current stock includes:

  • Dream Cotton (Select)- 100% cotton, low loft, lightweight, white
  • Dream Blend- 70/30 blend of cotton and polyester, with scrim
  • Dream Blend 80/20 blend of cotton and polyester, no scrim
  • Dream Poly (Select)- 100% Polyester, low loft, non bearding, lightweight, white
  • Dream Wool- A medium loft wool product which is warm, lightweight and resists creasing.

More information about these battings is available at the Quilter’s Dream Batting website.

You are not required to purchase batting from the studio. There are many other quality battings out there. Please remember, your finished quilt is only as good as the materials you put into it. Poor quality batting may be cheap but waste the money you put into the quilting. I reserve the right to refuse certain craft type battings as they may effect the thread tension and I cannot guarantee a pleasing outcome.

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