Quilting Services

Pricing is per square inch of your quilt top. Pricing varies depending on the density and complexity of your desired design. Payment is accepted as check or cash.

Length x Width = Area
Area x Price/ = Total Cost
(NYS sales tax is added to all orders)

  • IQ Regular Pantograph $.02/sq. in. and up
  • Hand Guided Meander $.0175/  and up
  • Hand Guided Custom $.02/ sq. in. and up
  • Custom w/ Stitch in the Ditch $.035 / sq. in. and up
  • Basting Only $.005 / sq. in. and up

Minimum Charges apply. Please call for a specific quote on your quilt or make an appointment for a free consultation.


Pricing is per hour in quarterly increments. Price does not include thread or NYS sales tax. All rentals by appointment only.

  • Longarm Machine Rental $20.00 / hour


We use Omni and So Fine threads by Superior and stock over 100 colors for you to choose from. The price of thread has now been incorporated into the cost of quilting. There is no longer a separate thread charge.


Batting is sold off a roll by the linear inch. Batting prices subject to change without notice.

  • Quilter’s Dream Cotton $.38 / inch
  • Quilter’s Dream Blend $.28 / inch
  • Quilter’s Dream Poly $.24/ inch
  • Quilter’s Dream Wool $.34 / inch

Quilt Binding

Mermac Design provides a machine finished binding service. We do not offer hand finishing. See our quilt preparation page for directions on how to prepare your binding.

  • Preparing Binding Strips $20.00
  • Sew Binding to front or back $.10 / inch (includes machine finishing)

Additional Charges

To avoid additional charges, please prepare your quilt top and backing at home. See our quilt preparation page for details.

  • Piece Backing $10.00
  • Press Backing $10.00
  • Add to the backing $5.00 / side

Class Fees

Inquire about our latest class offerings for your group.

  • Basic Sewing Lessons $15.00 / hour (one person)
    $10.00 / hour each (2-4 people)
  • Free Motion Quilting, Domestic Machine 3 hours / $30.00
  • Free Motion Quilting, Longarm Machine 3 hours / $75.00
    6 hours / $125.00 (in studio)
    Off site- add $20.00
  • Group Presentation 1 hour / $75.00
  • Dream Bag, 6 hour lesson (includes pattern) $40.00 / person,  10 participants max
  • Quilter’s Tote, 6 hour lesson (includes pattern) $40.00 / person, 10 participants max
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