Merrilee is available to offer many types of instruction in the studio. For 7 years, she has taught classes on free motion quilting on both a long arm machine and domestic sewing machine, as well as beginning and intermediate quilting skills. She has attended numerous classes at national quilt shows such as Machine Quilter’s Showcase in Springfield MO, Innovations Quilt Show in Tacoma WA, Machine Quilter’s Expo in Manchester NH and Quilting With Machines in Huron OH. She brings the knowledge of the top quilters- Linda Taylor, Kim Brunner, Pam Clark, Deloa Jones, Judy Woodworth and many more- back to you.  As an elementary teacher, retired from the Rochester City School District, she is back in the classroom and determined that all students learn and succeed. Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a class or presentation.

Available Instruction / Presentations

Basic Sewing / Quilting

Taught at the Mermac Design Quilt Studio, we begin wherever you are and move you forward. It can include machine management, cutting, assembling, design and color selections. This can be taught on an individual basis or in groups up to 4 people.

Free Motion Quilting / Domestic Machine

Small quilts can be managed on a domestic sewing machine. In Merrilee’s “Sewing Yoga” class, you learn how to put your feed dogs down and sew. This includes how to guide the quilt under a free motion foot, marking and design ideas.

Free Motion Quilting / Longarm Machine

Whether you want to stipple or create beautiful feathers, Merrilee can help you make it happen. Schedule time in the studio or special arrangements can be made to have an on site class with your machine.

Group Presentations

Merrilee has a vast array of quits to show, and has certainly learned a lesson from each and every one of them. Her presentation “Every  Quilt Teaches a Lesson” takes you through her learning curve from her first, to where she is today.

Dream Bag

Having crafted many bags over the years, Merrilee has taken all of her favorite components and rolled them into her “Dream Bag”- you too can dream yours up any way you want. Students learn a set of skills for adding zippers, pockets, quilting and lining that can be configured into any bag they want to make. This class can be scheduled in the studio for up to 4 people or it can be offered off site to your group with a maximum of 10 people.

Quilter’s Tote

This is the large version of the dream bag. It is large enough to carry an 18″ x 24″ cutting mat and 24″ ruler, has inner “dump” pockets, an inner zipper pocket, and a top zipper closure to keep everything inside. This class can be scheduled in the studio for up to 4 people or it can be offered off site to your group with a maximum of 10 people.

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